Which Airlines Pile On The Most Fees? Compare And Learn

Our friends over at NerdWallet are always coming up with useful, easy-to-use tools that sift and collate financial information that is normally scattered in a lot of different places. Most of these tools involve credit cards and banking, but they’ve recently opened a travel section. A handy new tool on the site lets you calculate the fees that different airlines charge for the same options, such as checked baggage, rebooking, or unaccompanied minor tickets. This makes it easier to compare airfares that might seem cheap before you start piling on fees.

Let’s say, for example, you’re checking one bag, carrying on another, and have booked your round-trip ticket online but want to print your boarding pass at the airport. These options will cost you an extra $199.98 flying fee-happy Spirit Airlines, but JetBlue and Southwest charge zero fees for any of them. Neato.

Compare Airline Fees [NerdWallet]

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