Would You Shop In A Store Hot Enough To Turn A Snickers Bar Into A Beverage?

For at least five days, the employees at a Family Dollar store in the St. Louis area claim they have been working without proper air-conditioning and that temperatures in the store have been in the triple digits. But that hasn’t stopped some customers from coming in.

KSDK-TV says it was tipped off to the oppressive heat by a store employee but when the cameras showed up, no workers were willing to go on the record about the issue.

However, the reporter did get to chat with some of the people coming in and out of the store.

“It’s hot in there, it’s real hot, it is very hot,” said one man. (Side note: We actually recommend you watch the KSDK clip below to see how the editor chopped that quicky quote into three rapid-fire, remix-ready soundbites).

The man later came out carrying what appears to be a Snickers bar (but could also be a Milky Way; surely one of you is an expert in such matters) that he described as “melted to the max… you can drink it.”

While one shopper said that the employees should not have to work in the excessively hot conditions, another customer is glad the store was open.

He said that if it’s a choice between sweating and saving money, “I think I will deal with saving the money.”

Thanks to Ed for the tip!

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