Not Only Are Mike & Ike Splitting Up, But The Grocery Shrink Ray Has Them In Its Sights

(Eric H.)

Consumerist reader Eric has a long abiding love of Mike and Ike’s candy, so he’s a little bit bummed that Mike and his pal Ike are divorcing in a recent ad campaign by the company. But why does this break-up have to also involve the unfortunate smallifying rays of the Grocery Shrink Ray?

The break-up campaign has been chronicled on the candy’s Facebook page, ostensibly to remind everyone how much they love the two fruity chewy guys together. But Eric needs no such reminder — he loves them and just wants them to stay the same size. Instead, somewhere lost in the middle of the split’s turmoil, it seems the boxes have gone from 6 ounces to 5 ounces.

Says Eric:

“Seriously, I love me some M&I’s and it seems with their splitting up campaign they’ve also slid a shrink ray in there hoping no one will notice. We’ve lost a whole ounce while maintaining the same price. That is, of course, in the normal sized boxes.”

Normal, meaning not the gargantuan boxes you buy at the movie theater for eleventy billion dollars a pop. Get it together, Mike and Ike, and while you’re doing so, re-biggify yourselves.

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