Bank Of America To Pay Woman $300K It Owed For Trying To Foreclose On Her 4 Years Ago

A Texas woman’s “nightmare” of three court cases in six years is finally over, after a judge ordered Bank of America to pay her the $300,000 it’s owed her since 2008. Trudie’s troubles all started after a hurricane damaged her home in 2006, and her then-mortgage company told her not to worry about paying her loan for three months so she could get back on her feet.

Countrywide said there’d be no late fees, no penalties and no reports to credit bureaus during those months, reports 12 News. Then the trouble started. After that three months, Countrywide sent her a letter saying she had a bunch of late fees and owed that three months of mortgage payments up front, and all those missed payments were going to damage her credit. Say what now?

Trudie saddled up and got an attorney to represent her against Countrywide, and won a settlement. She continued to pay the company her mortgage, and on time, but eventually Countrywide said she no longer had a loan with them. Instead, Bank of America owned it, and began harassing her for payment. Round two of fun.

She filed a lawsuit after she received a foreclosure notice near the 2008 holidays and was successful, but Bank of America never paid up on the settlement it owed her. That is, until now, when the third round in front of a judge proved to have a happy ending. A judge said the bank had taken advantage of the justice system, and as such, ordered it to pay her the $300,000 it’s owed her for years. It also has 90 days to fix her credit.

“You go through the happy because it’s finally finished…but it’s at the point you say I want to see something now,” she said.

Fannett woman wins $300k from Bank of America [12 News]


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