Ford Developing Technology That Reacts To Calm Stressed Or Distracted Drivers

While it’s not the same as having a soothing chat with KITT the talking Trans-Am, the folks at Ford are working on technology that would not only recognize when drivers are distracted or in stressful situations but would also act to cut down on external factors in order to calm things down.

The Detroit News reports that the technology takes a two-pronged approach to measuring and detecting possible stress factors.

First, sensors in the steering wheel, driver’s seat and safety belt would track the driver’s heart rate, breathing rate and body temperature.

Then there is an algorithm that combines data from existing radar and cameras with the particular driver’s use of the accelerator, brakes and steering wheel. This factors in both the traffic in the immediate area and how the driver is reacting to it.

If all these sensors determine that a driver is stressed or distracted, the system could trigger a mode that quiets in-car noises and turns on a “do not disturb” setting for any phone attached to the MyFord Touch system.

Ford stresses that the technology is still in the research phase and has given no timeline for when it might make its way into the market.

Newest Ford technology senses distraction, stress [Detroit News]

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