Man Suspected Of Trying To Rob Rent-A-Center Spends Night Stuck Under A Door

If this were a Seinfeld joke we’d be all like, “What is the deal with would-be burglars not executing the getaway plan lately?” We’re no Jerry Seinfelds but it is pretty darn ridiculous. In this latest case, a man suspected of trying to rob a Rent-A-Center in Massachusetts didn’t even make it inside his intended target, and instead had the misfortune to become lodged underneath a loading bay door.

The almost-thief was discovered on Tuesday morning around 8:45 a.m. by an employee, and told the worker that he’d been lying underneath the door since about midnight, say cops.

“He tried to pry open the garage door with a metal bed post. As a result of trying to squeeze into the business, apparently the door fell onto the suspect’s head, and he was unable to free himself,” said a detective in the police department.

Once cops arrived on the scene and freed the man, “he was brought out of that position and complained of a headache,” and was taken to the hospital with a large bruise on the back of his head.

And of course, warn cops — don’t try this move at home. Or at any other place with a loading bay door you shouldn’t be prying open in the first place.

“It could have been a fatal situation if more momentum had occurred so I don’t recommend that for anyone to try,” said the detective.

The man will be charged with breaking and entering and malicious damage to property.

Suspected Thief Spends Night Jammed Under Door At Brockton Rent-A-Center [CBS Boston]