Hiding 9.5 Tons Of Stolen Garlic From Police Noses Proves Not So Easy For Suspects

Getting away with a major heist is never going to be effortless, and when your stolen booty is none other than the very aromatic and beloved garlic, well, you’ll probably be caught. Austrian police caught a whiff of something amiss when they stopped three overloaded and sagging vans filled with the odiferous cargo.

The Austria Press Agency says officials found around 9.5 tons of garlic in the vehicles, which were heading into Hungary from Austria. Five men were questioned and charged with suspicion of stolen goods.

Cops say the garlic might have come from Spain, and at that great of a haul, is worth around $37,500.

One officer was quoted about his thoughts on what was in the vans even before the doors were opened.

“All three vehicles really stunk like garlic,” he says.

Somewhere out there is a pasta party sadly bereft of garlic bread, we just know it.

Five Arrested In Theft Of Nearly 10 Tons Of Garlic [KWTX.com]


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