Offering 'Catch-Up' Service That Leaves Out Episodes Defeats The Point, Comcast

Carol has been watching the AMC program “Breaking Bad” using Comcast on-demand. Specifically, the Catch-up service so she can catch up on season 4 before the new season starts next month. This service skips episodes and doesn’t seem to actually be designed to catch anyone up, though…unless that customer is an HD subscriber.

I have been watching “Breaking Bad” through Comcast’s on-demand Catch-up service. Last week they offered episodes 401 through 403. So this week, it should start with episode 404, right? Wrong! It skipped an episode and started with 405. I called Comcast and was told only that “not all episodes are available.”

After a little more investigation of the on-demand menu, I found that the episode *is* available in HD, but not through their standard service. So if I want to “catch up” all episodes of last season, I would have to upgrade to their HD service, something I don’t wish to do.

Why would someone want to catch up on a whole season of a series if some of the episodes are missing?

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