Lenovo Reads Consumerist, Lets Customer Buy Laptop

A couple of weeks ago, we shared the story of Devotee, who tried to buy a computer directly from Lenovo’s site, only to have the order canceled out from under him with no explanation why. You may remember reading this story, and so did Lenovo employees. They wondered what happened, too, and reached out to Consumerist to help Devotee and figure out why they weren’t able to sell him anything and what went wrong.

Devotee explains what happened next:

After my issue was posted by the Consumerist, i was contacted by Lenovo’s Consumer Experience Manager, who put me in touch with their Sales Manager. In short they made sure i received an equivalent laptop at the same price.

Apparently, i originally purchased a pre-configured laptop, and they had run out of inventory – i fell through the crack, but my post and Consumerist’s reach, got Lenovo’s attention, and after apologizing, they diligently corrected the issue.

All in all i have to say that Lenovo handled this very well, and to my satisfaction

Well done, Lenovo! Let’s hope that the next customer this happens to is able to get an answer out of someone without having to go through Consumerist first.

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