Netflix Honors Man Who Watched 252 Movies In A Month With His Own Day

We recently detailed Mark Malkoff’s marathon attempt to squeeze in as many Netflix movies as possible within a 30-day time frame. And it looks like we weren’t the only ones watching, as Mark was invited to Netflix HQ to celebrate his data cap-crushing achievement.

Mark screened his video for the Netflix staff, where he said is biggest regret is that taking suggestions from the Internet for what movies he should watch.

“Vanilla Ice’s movie Cool as Ice should have a category on Netflix: ‘Not Suitable for Anyone,'” he joked.

He also got to dork out for a few minutes with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, to whom Mark confessed that he hadn’t been able to watch any movies following the 30-day binge.

Speaking of which, those 400+ hours of streaming movies ate up a considerable amount of Mark’s goodwill with his Internet provider.

“My ISP hates me!” he told Hastings.

“Going to Netflix, I felt like Charlie going into Wonka’s factory,” said Mark.”It made watching 29.4 hours of closing credits in a month almost worth it.”

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