Fab.com Spends Weeks Trying To Find The Right Color Of Gray Shirt

Consumerist reader M.L. has more than a few bones to pick with Fab.com over a botched order, the least of which is that it can’t differentiate between its color variations on its own site. She ordered a long-sleeved shirt in Dim Gray on April 24, a shirt that appears almost white, and was disappointed to receive a very dark gray shirt instead. Dim Gray turned out to be an elusive prey.

As seen on Fab.com, there is a Dim Gray and a Gray shirt, both in the Half Longsleeve Crew style but noticeably different in color. But when M.L. contacted Fab, a customer service representative at first tried to tell her that maybe the site’s photo of the shirt was off, making it appear lighter in color than it really should be. Because of course, there’s no way they could have actually sent the Gray version.

In reply to M.L.’s initial email, the CSR said she was mistaken in claiming she’d received the wrong item:

“It sounds like you got the right shirt and that the picture on the site might just be a victim of bad lighting. I’d be more than happy to help you with an exchange, but might end up getting that same shirt in that same shade of grey.”

M.L. says she retorted that she most definitely did not get the right item, as it was clearly the Gray version advertised on the site. The CSR then gave her a $10 credit and told her they’d check the warehouse for the correct item. That “checking the warehouse” line was then repeated over multiple emails and three weeks.

On May 19, the CSR said the exchange request would be processed and that it might take a few days to check inventory. Fine! On May 22, the shirt was received.

Then a week later, May 29: “I just wanted to let you know we’re still in the process of checking that item for you. We will be in touch once we are done checking the stock of it!”

June 5: Exact same line as above.

June 12: “We’re still in the process of checking for that exchange size for you. We’re trying to be as thorough as possible and hope to have an answer for you soon.”

Finally on June 13, she says she was informed that the size and color she desired were never found, after such exhaustive checking, and that she’ll be issued a credit for the amount of the shirt. She says she’d prefer a full refund, but she’ll take what she can get at this point just to have the issue resolved at long last.

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