NJ Supreme Court: HOA Can’t Tell You To Remove Political Signs From House

As you may have heard, it’s a presidential election year, which means homeowners associations all around the country will be removing — and fining people for — political signs placed in residents’ front yards and windows. But the people of New Jersey are now free to announce their favorite candidates without fear of reprisal.

Earlier today, the Garden State’s Supreme Court issued a 5-1 ruling against an HOA that ordered a resident to take down campaign ads from his house. Per HOA rules, only “For Sale” signs are allowed.

But in the court’s ruling, it wrote that the rule barring political signs “has barred virtually all expressional activity.”

After weighing the HOA’s private property interest against the homeowner’s right to free expression, “we conclude that the sign policy in question violates the free speech clause of the State Constitution,” explained the court.

We wonder if the court’s ruling can also be extended to people who choose to raise the hackles of HOAs with rogue behavior like using colored Christmas lights.

N.J. Supreme Court: Homeowners group can’t order resident to remove political signs [NJ.com]

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