Apple’s Gaming World Just Grew With Addition Of Macs To Its Game Center

In case you’ve been feeling bereft when unable to play your favorite Apple games from your laptop — instead of an iPhone or an iPad or an iWhatever — chin up, little sadfaced one. Apple is now going to allow Mac users to connect to its Game Center social network to play games with others over the Internet.

The company made the announcement this week, telling developers at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference that with the July introduction of the Mountain Lion operating system, Mac owners will be ready to game away, along with previously-enabled gamers on iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Games can also be wirelessly streamed using the company’s AirPlay technology from a Mac laptop to a TV if you own the Apple TV set-top box.

In Game Center, users connect and play with one another, and can use the social network to keep track of high scores and generally keep tabs on what’s going on in the games.

Software makers think it’ll help boost interest in games made for Apple hardware, and put the company in a good spot if they do announce a new TV. Everything will then be connected, something that is pretty appealing to consumers.

Nothing like kicking back in your living room with Angry Birds rocketing around on a giant flat screen TV. Ah, technology.

Apple Adds Online Gaming Options for Mac Owners [Wall Street Journal]

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