Are We Slowly Getting Tired Of Being Obsessed With Facebook?

The Facebook juggernaut appears to be lumbering along at a slower pace, maybe because we’ve all suddenly realized that in-person relationships are also valuable. Or it’s more likely that almost everyone who is going to join Facebook is already on it, which makes it harder to grow. And those of us on Facebook are spending less time on it, to boot.

ComScore says the number of visitors rose 5% in April from a year earlier, which is a lot less than the 24% uptick it saw in that same month in 2011, reports Bloomberg News. Seems Facebook might be finally saturating its market.

The average time spent by each visitor on Facebook rose 16%, which is down from the 23% increase a year before.

This is big news for Facebook, as it gets half of its revenue from the U.S. and Canada. Less visitors spending less time might seem like a bad sign for its business. But it’s not like it’s unusual for its growth to slow down, as ComScore’s Andrew Lipsman points out, it’s to be “expected given Facebook’s current size and market penetration.”

The day there are no baby pictures uploaded on Facebook will be the day things are really over. Given the pace of “Look at Junior eating cereal again (his favorite!)” posts, that day is probably never going to arrive.

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