Online Dating Shouldn’t Involve Sending Your Loved One $25K

Attention, all ye singles looking for love in all the online places — if he/she really loves you, they most likely will not demand you send them large amounts of money and expensive stuff. So if your long-distance lover starts asking for extravagant gifts and cash, odds are it could be a scam, as a couple of women in New Hampshire have had the misfortune to figure out too late.

It’s sad enough to find out the object of your affection doesn’t love you, but to lose $25,000 at the same time, well, that’s really heartbreaking. WBZ-TV says a second woman has come forward to say she was defrauded by a man she met on, after the station reported on another woman whose match was a criminal working overseas. He’d also managed to swindle $25K out of his prey.

After seeing the first woman’s story, a retired teacher contacted the station to tell her tale of dating woe. While she doesn’t think it’s the same man, he also told her he was working overseas but lived in New Hampshire.

She spent eight months talking to him, and on several occasions, he asked for cash. When everything ended, she’d sent $25,000, sinking her deep into debt.

These women aren’t alone — as we’ve reported before, online dating sites are breeding grounds for scammers trying to take advantage of people trying to find the right partner. The FBI says around 5,600 people have been the victims of online dating scams in the last year, losing a grand total of $50 million dollars.

Second NH Woman Comes Forward In Online Dating Scam [WBZ-TV]


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  1. TheMansfieldMauler says:

    The men were just being preemptive.

    • Mike says:

      Agreed. I don’t really understand women. I mean, I buy them all these nice shoes so they are always looking down and can’t see the glass ceiling above their head, I spend millions of dollars on media convincing them that they have no worth beyond their looks, and I even beat them to the point where they internalize it and begin to believe that they deserve it but they still complain. I mean, all women are just money grabbing whores at their core, amirite?

      You’re not funny dude.

      • TheMansfieldMauler says:

        I spend millions of dollars on media convincing them that they have no worth beyond their looks

        LOL who does that? You think someone is doing that for that purpose? Or maybe…just maybe…that money is being spent because that kind of marketing works. And if that kind of marketing works, then who is to blame?

        • Mike says:

          Apartheid “works.” Just because that kind of marketing “works” doesn’t mean it is not sexist or harmful.

  2. Rexy on a rampage says:

    I blame the women. Asking for 25,000 big ones doesn’t raise a huge, red flag?

    • corridor7f says:

      This was collected over time, not all at once.

      • Rexy on a rampage says:

        Still, a strange person that you met over the internet and have never met in the 3D world that asks for any amount of money (especially when the total went over $500) should just scream ‘SCAM!’.

        • Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

          “3D world”…you mean Second Life

          • Rexy on a rampage says:

            I was thinking more out in the land of idiots that aren’t viewed through a screen, but sure, Second Life works too.

      • BurtReynolds says:

        I believe the article said it was all done in a month. So there were some pretty big checks cut at some point.

    • Darrone says:

      Asking for money from someone you haven’t met…

    • wade says:

      Well, to be fair, it was probably only $12,500 twice. Or even $5000 five times! Maybe $5 – 5000 times??

  3. [censored] says:

    She used to be a teacher yet… oy.

  4. SkokieGuy says:

    Related? On Craigslist, in the real estate Rooms/Share Wanted:

    hola I’m Chloe Im 21 and require a room or something in a home I need near Bridge Street or south of northeast area but I am not picky my bf has been doing drugs n hurting me so i want to move soon I only just make 28 a week cleaning houses so i need cheap but I can perform housekeeper services too! Ill be really grateful to show my appreciation how ever you desire it!
    please reach me if you have any lend a hand to for me

    This is more than likely a cover for prostitution as opposed to overseas “wire me money I’m in trouble”.

    • Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

      I think the better question is…why were on you Craigslist looking for young impressionable house cleaners!

  5. lacubsfan2 says:

    LOL these are women who 100 years ago would have been killed off long ago by natural selection. If you are this dumb you should have your money in a trust with someone to approve each expense.

    • SkokieGuy says:

      But did you look at the photo? The gentleman was wearing a hat. Nothing says “sincere” and “trust me” like an older man in a jaunty chapeau.

  6. Mark702 says:

    I honestly don’t know how people can be so stupid.

  7. Bagels says:

    B*tch betta have my money !

  8. umbriago says:

    You’d be surprised what some lonely people do in hopes of snaggin’ a little bit of sugar.

    Desperation can be a lot more damaging than stupidity (though combine both, and all bets are off).

  9. BurtReynolds says:

    I’m not sure what the “scam” is here. It is just poor judgement. If someone comes up to me and asks for $20 and I give it to him, was I just scammed? No, I just gave him money. It doesn’t matter if he is a “criminal” or just some guy who is legitimately going to use to it get some dinner.

    It would be different if these guys were promising some sort of return on investment (other than their “love”) for the money. “Oh, I just need $1,000 now and I’ll pay you back $1,500”. That is a scam. This is just someone asking for money and getting it.

    • Mike says:

      I was wondering about this myself, there is a gray area somewhere. Where is the line? If they guy sent fake pics of someone else claiming it was him is it then a scam? But what if he sent real pics of himself but used a different name?

      I agree with you though, if he promised something in return, then it is a scam. But if she just sent him money because she was smitten with him I am not sure an actually crime occurred. Slimy? Yes. But not criminal.

    • Rexy on a rampage says:


      — n
      1. a stratagem for gain; a swindle

      — vb , scams , scamming , scammed
      2. ( tr ) to swindle (someone) by means of a trick

      A scam does not have to have a return investment promise. If the guy took the women’s money with a false reason (“I’ve fallen on hard times”), it’s a scam.

      • Mike says:

        What if someone says “I love you” and gets into a relationship only because the other person has money and a good place to live? Then a year later they break up with the person when they have more money. Was the original person scammed or just unlucky in a bad relationship?

        • Rexy on a rampage says:

          There’s already a term for those people: gold diggers (see 21 year old girl marrying 80 year old man). It’s a bad relationship, not a scam.

          • Jane_Gage says:

            I think it’s an arrangement. The 80 year old isn’t dating her for her mind, and she’s not dating him for his looks. Everybody’s happy.

    • corridor7f says:

      It’s kind of like that, actually.

      The guy could promise her a trip to the Bahamas together, get her all worked up, then claim he’s short $300 due to some tragic injustice (he got laid off because his boss is evil or his nasty ex is squeezing him dry via alimony…

      “There was an unexpected fee the travel agency left out – but lookit all these pictures of the resort! It’ll be so amazing and I can’t wait to meet you – I have so many things planned, babe! I even bought you this sexy dress to wear on the beach!”

      There’s a quick $300. Some can even come back for seconds if they’re smarmy enough.

  10. PsychoRaven says:

    You know I don’t feel sorry for them. Who in their right mind meets someone online and then proceeds to give them money without having ever physically met them? Only an idiot. That’s who.

    • corridor7f says:

      Maybe they’re older and not as tech-savvy?

      I had an aunt in her 50’s who didn’t grasp the concept of multiple user accounts with fake info until I explained it multiple times.

  11. MaytagRepairman says:

    I limit what I give women I meet online to $18137.80.

  12. SwaggeringCuban says:

    Yeah I don’t get how anyone can spin this as an “online scam.” I obviously understand that it’s wrong, but is it legally a crime to ask for and receive money?

  13. AllanG54 says:

    Two words….DUMB SHITS

  14. HogwartsProfessor says:

    This wouldn’t happen to me. I never have any money. So I know it’s real love.

  15. Stella says:

    Okay folks, here’s the deal: If you’ve never met the person IN PERSON, they are not you’re boyfriend/girlfriend. Services like are methods of connecting people who otherwise might not cross paths. Despite the term “online dating,” the actual “dating” part should take place IRL.

  16. kataisa says:

    Didn’t take long for the fat misogynist losers to settle in and start attacking the women for being scammed eh?

  17. thor777 says:

    Who said money can’t buy you love?