It’s Probably Best To Not Bring Your Mini Meth Lab Into Walmart With You

We understand that a lot of people have hobbies — I like to bake bread; I’ve also been known to craft elaborate leather outfits for my carrier pigeons — but while it may be acceptable to knit as you stroll the aisles of your local retailer, cooking up a batch of meth in your purse is really just going to end badly.

For example… Police in Missouri evacuated a Walmart store last night after store employees discovered that a woman suspected of shoplifting had an adorable little meth lab inside a 20 oz. soda bottle.

“It was a volatile situation because the meth lab was actively working,” a police lieutenant tells KMOV-TV, “but I don’t think anyone was in danger with the way the were able to move everyone out. It was still volatile, but everybody was kept at a safe distance.”

He added that police are coming across more and more of these “one-pot” cookers, and that they are generally intended for people making meth for their own use and not cooking up some sort of Breaking Bad-size mega batch.

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