HOA Tries To Put An End To Scourge Of Sidewalk Chalk

America’s sidewalks are fraught with dangers — discarded gum, intrusive plant life, cracks that could do damage to mothers’ backs, falling pianos and/or safes — and now a homeowners association in Denver is out to put an end to one pernicious pain in the you-know-what: sidewalk chalk.

One Denver woman says her HOA would rather not have her 3-year-old daughter creating her temporal chalk art on the sidewalks of their neighborhood.

“My initial reaction was, ‘You have to be kidding me,'” the mom tells Denver’s CBS 4.

She says her family chose this house because the area was supposed to be family-friendly and they liked the idea of living on a courtyard.

“We all bought into the notion that we were sharing a space,” she explains.

But it’s the fact that her daughter’s work — a unique blend of post-paint, post-literal and outsider art — is being created on this shared space that apparently has the HOA’s hackles raised.

Even though the mom says she’s heard no gripes about the chalk art, CBS 4 says the HOA claims there have been complaints about the art somehow offending, disturbing or interfering with the peaceful enjoyment of the space.

Everyone’s a critic.

In a statement that reads like two partial statements, a lawyer for the HOA tells CBS, “The association is trying to go down a path of do no harm and prevent the sidewalk art as opposed to… until such time as it can get together and discuss it.”

It looks like the issue will ultimately be decided by a vote of residents at one of those meetings that are often only attended by the most uptight factions within the HOA.

In the meantime, the mom says she and her little girl will continue their artful protest: “It’s summertime and God forbid my daughter is drawing flowers, her name and hearts.”

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