Get Service Credit For Crappy AT&T Reception, Get Upgrade Date Pushed Forward

In ads, AT&T has been hyping their 4G rollout. It is pretty exciting, Unless you’re a customer using 3G whose service has been taken out by the upgrade. Scott is trying to remain patient, but has sought compensation in the form of service credits for the crappy service he receives. Big Orange granted him these credits, but he got an irritating surprise when he checked his upgrade eligibility date. It had been moved ahead three months, because he was now giving AT&T less money. Because they were granting him service credits for their crappy service.

I’ve been an AT&T customer for over 10 years. I’ve never had issues with customer service until this year. West Kentucky is a place with very poor AT&T coverage. Just recently AT&T dropped 3G in areas here, and put 4G/HSPA+ overlay on top of the 3G this year. Ever since, the connection has been horrible.

I begain emails to AT&T regarding this. Being employed at a CLEC [competitive local exchange carrier], I know that calling an ILEC carrier [incumbent local exchange carrier or “baby Bell’] on the phone is a bad idea, since there is no paper trail to prove a conversation existed. So all my emails between AT&T and myself are in my Gmail.

In March, AT&T issued a service credit to my account for poor service, as well as AT&T’s customer service being horrible to boot. I was credited 86$ for the month of March. April billing came around, and I paid my 1.12 in taxes to AT&T.

Here in may, I started checking my account information, and noticed that my upgrade eligibility date has changed, from the 16 month to the 20 month timeframe.

AT&T has told me that because the “revenue stream” on my account has changed, (meaning AT&T paid for a month of my service) they can no longer honor the June early upgrade date. My upgrade is now in September, due to AT&T’s crappy network, and I had the nerve to complain.

How many other customers has this happened to at AT&T? Do other carriers treat their customers like garbage? At this point, i’m still fighting AT&T on this. I’ve also sent this information to the FTC and Better Business Bureau, but doubt anything will be resolved.

Maybe this was all their way of telling him that he should find a new carrier.


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  1. incident_man says:

    Since, because of where he lives, the OP is limited to the “big three”, e.g. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. He might want to consider ditching the Death Star for Straight Talk. I hear Verizon’s customer service isn’t any better than the Death Star and Sprint……well……um……yeah……BAD idea if the OP actually wants to be able to USE his phone.

    IF he decides to go with ST, better get one of the CDMA phones…..the ones that actually work, rather than GSM. Their GSM phones use the Death Star’s network, so he’d have the same problems.

    • deezil says:

      I live in Western Kentucky, and there’s no real Sprint service here either. So Big 2. I left the Death Star for Big Red 2 years ago and have been happy since!

  2. Karney says:

    Pushed Back, Moved back.

    Pushed forward sounds like they got an upgrade sooner, as well as saying their upgrade was moved ahead.

  3. Elizabeth B says:

    The way his story reads, his upgrade date moved farther away, not closer as implied by the “moved ahead” in the summary. Moving it closer would have made sense to me, because he would spend money to upgrade to a 4G phone and plan (if that network is better in his area). Moving it farther away likely puts an end date on collecting money from him, as he should look at other options. Too bad that most cell options are horrid…

  4. Such an Interesting Monster says:

    So he essentially isn’t paying for the poor service he’s been receiving for a number of months but thinks he should still be eligible for an upgrade that’s based upon the number of months you’ve actually paid.

    Mmmm hmmm…

  5. consumed says:

    Someone saying their “connection is horrible” is very subjective. I’m amazed that he even got a bill credit at all.

    I’d like to see what qualifies as a “horrible connection” in this guy’s eyes, as generally an area going from an HSPA covered 3G area to a HSPA+ “4G” should be a positive improvement to his connection.

    • consumed says:

      Or maybe he is confusing 3G with 2G (EDGE) and that his 2G phone no longer talks to the network. In this case he should have been offered an EARLIER upgrade instead of a bill credit.

  6. angus1357 says:

    I called to report a tower going down a few weeks ago, they confirmed it and credited me a free month of service. I didnt really ask for it, I was just letting them know something was up. Didnt change anything on my upgrade.

  7. diagoro says:

    Well, according to the ATT contract, no one is entitled to receive proper service, or a credit for any perceived down time. In fact the contract allows ATT to do nearly anything they want…….

  8. strells says:

    Since when is AT&T referred to as “Big Orange”?

  9. strells says:

    Since when is AT&T referred to as “Big Orange”?