Applebee’s: Hey Ladies, Stop Facebooking About Facebook & Get Some Appetizers!

Applebee’s thinks all you women are silly shut-ins addicted to Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, and what’s better to cure socialnetworkitis than a night out gabbing with your galpals and eating potato skins? So it goes with the chain’s new ad campaign starring the “Girls Night Out Goddess.” She’s “wacky, irreverent, she’s from back in the day.” Oh boy.

In a series of ads (via Buzzfeed) directed at ladies obsessively pinning cute outfits for cats or tweeting every five seconds or updating the world on which fro-yo place they think is the best, Applebee’s is trying to tell women that it’s better to have some real face-time with pals.

Which is kind of a good point, but whether or not women (or anyone) chooses Applebee’s as the watering hole of choice for a marathon validation session remains to be seen. But hey, if anyone can convince women it’s ridiculous that they’re on their “442nd Pin… this week,” it’s a woman in what appears to be some kind of hip senior citizen gear extolling the high times to be had boozing with your galpals.

That being said, “A” for effort, Applebee’s.

Pinterest ad:

Facebook (actually pretty funny):


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