At CVS, These Are Probably Not The Spring Savings You’re Looking For

Shopping for some cool Star Wars figurines at CVS? Well you should’ve bought them before Spring Savings went into effect at the store. David saw some funny dealings at his local store and sent in a photo of with the Consumerist Tipster app. While time’s used to be you could nab some “Movie Legends Figurines” for $13.79, now they’re $14.79.

“Wait a minute! That is the very opposite of a sale! That’s a price hike!” you might be saying, although probably if you’re at all familiar with this site, you’re not saying that because it’s becoming a very common occurrence around this parts.

Why, just earlier today, Target’s pricing gun went on the blink, raising prices 42% on a “Clearance” sale. And then there was Target going nutterbutters last week and bragging about a “sale” that was an increase of 10 cents. Not to mention Walgreens thinking two for the price of three was a “great buy.” And that was just in one week.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty graphics, everyone. Words apparently mean exactly nothing in cases like these.

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