Walgreens Thinks Buying 2 For The Price Of 3 Is A "Great Buy!"

Are you in the market for some hydrogen peroxide? Maybe you need to stock up for all your future hydrogen peroxide needs. In that case, Walgreen’s has a deal for you, if you don’t mind paying more for a two-pack than you would for three individual bottles.

Consumerist reader Mike writes in saying he “saw this great deal this morning — two for the price of three, obviously for the mathematically challenged!”

Indeed, it appears Walgreen’s sells one bottle of their brand of hydrogen peroxide for a mere $0.99, whereas the “value pack” of two bottles touted as a “Great Buy!” goes for $2.99. So you could either buy two separate bottles for about $1.98, or three for $2.97 or hey, just pay two cents more for less if you’re in the mood to throw away money.

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