Haven’t You Always Wanted A Giant Floating Panty Liner?

At the pool, no one wants to be reminded of the time of the month that women worldwide bitterly refer to as “Shark Week.” So it caught Amanda’s attention when she noticed this light-colored pool toy with gentle curves on the outside. It would be nice to float on in the pool while lounging, waiting for your sunscreen to dry so you don’t catch fire. Oh, and it looks like a giant feminine hygiene product.

Amanda spotted this item in a Sam’s Club in upstate New York, where sample pool products dangle above customers’ heads. “We were perusing the aisles, only to look up in the seasonal section and see a pool float that looks more like a huge version of a personal care item,” she wrote. “For a female giant, perhaps.”


UPDATE: Thanks to alert reader El_Cheapocabra who found this item on the Sam’s Club site (which didn’t occur to me while writing this post for some reason.) Doesn’t the model look thrilled?


It’s a male model, of course, because all of the female models were laughing too hard to be photographed when they saw the product.

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