Sears Doesn’t Handle Rejection Well, Incessantly Robocalls After You Refuse Fridge Delivery

Based on previous Consumerist stories about Sears, it might surprise you to learn that the refrigerator that Ginger and her husband purchased was brought to their home in one piece, on the correct day, and actually existed. Only they had discovered after placing the order that it was too wide for their kitchen, and they had ordered a new one instead. They were instructed to refuse the delivery, and then they would receive a correctly-sized fridge on a different day, and a refund. Yay! Only instead, they’ve received a barrage of robocalls from Sears, despite four separate attempts to cancel the order for the larger refrigerator.

So, my husband and I bought our first home and moved in last week. We were really excited to make the home ours, and pick out some new furniture and appliances for our dream home. We have all of the appliances, but instead of getting to enjoy them, we’ve spent the past week in customer service hell. It all started with a visit to Sears.

On May 13th, we purchased a washer, dryer and refrigerator at Sears. All of the appliances at the condo we were renting were from Sears, so we wanted to keep shopping there. We picked a delivery date of June 2.

Now, the new house only had room for a very small fridge, and we wanted a normal one, so we paid a contractor to move the wall. He asked for the dimensions of the new fridge. We looked them up on, and found out the new fridge – a Kenmore – was 33 inches wide. He went ahead and built a new wall based on those specifications. But, I am a worrier, so June 1 we went back to Sears to check the dimensions in person. The fridge, despite the claims of the website, was 36 inches wide.

We talked to the same sales associate, and she said there was only one fridge – a more expensive one, of course – that was 33 inches wide. She said we could order that one. The only problem was we would have to wait till June 4 for the narrower fridge. She said we could order it, just refuse the 36 inch fridge, and our money would be refunded, with no problem. Well, not so much.

June 2, the delivery crew arrived with the washer and dryer, and the fridge. We refused the fridge, just as the sales associated instructed us to. Later that day, we got a call from Sears saying that our delivery date had been delayed, and gave us a number to call back. I called, and after 15 minutes enjoying their hold music, I spoke to a customer service rep to check and see what was up. We were already living in a new home with no fridge, and I wasn’t looking forwarded to them delaying the delivery of the new fridge. She said that the call was about the old fridge. I told her we didn’t want it because the dimensions on the website were not accurate, and to please cancel the order. She said she would let the warehouse know.

However, every day since, including the day the new fridge arrived, we’ve gotten a robo call (sometimes as early as 8 AM – not fun when on vacation), advising us that the delivery of our fridge was delayed and asking us to call. I called, was put on hold and cancelled the 36 inch fridge 3 more times – a total of 4. However, Sears just kept robo-calling. After the 2nd and 3rd cancellations, I asked to speak to a supervisor and both times, the customer service rep hung up on me. The 4th time, I spoke with a supervisor, and got a cancellation number and her ID number, but only after over an hour on hold. She told me, as they had on the first three calls, that I would get a refund in 7-10 business days. Only, this is 7-10 business days from today… almost a week after I first refused the fridge. I can’t really believe it takes them this long to process a refund, especially considering that when you buy something, it only takes seconds for them to take your money.

Bottom line, if you refuse an order at Sears, expect daily robo-calls, and hours on hold.

If I don’t get the refund in 7-10 business days, I am just contacting the credit card company. I am sure that when I call again about my refund, Sears will just say they need to cancel the order again and tell me to wait another 7-10 business days. No matter how it works out, we spent thousands at Sears, but that is the last of our money they will ever see.

Heads up, Ginger and Mr. Ginger: even if you swear off buying from Sears forever, it’s only going to get worse from here.

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