Somebody Doesn’t Like Sara Lee As The Company Announces Name Change To Hillshire Brands

Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee, except for the company itself, as it will no longer be doing business under that name. Sara Lee Corp. announced a change in monikers to Hillshire Brands Co. today at an investors meeting in New York.

Baked goods to packaged lunch meat might seem like a big shift, but Sara Lee has already been moving away from the frozen cakes and desserts that made it a household name.

It’s spinning off a division of European beverages later this month, and has been focusing on trying to save its Hillshire Farm line of packaged meat products, reports

During the announcement, Sara Lee also said it’ll be rolling out new products and marketing campaigns for its other meaty household brands like Ball Park hot dogs, Jimmy Dean sausage and State Fair corn dogs. You can look forward to Ball Park Sliders coming your way eventually.

The Sara Lee name won’t be on the company’s letterhead, but aficionados will still be able to find it in restaurants it sells to, as well as the grocery aisle. However, those retail dessert products are now made by other companies.

So really, somebody really doesn’t like Sara Lee and it happens to be Sara Lee.

Sara Lee Renames Itself Hillshire Brands []

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