How To Lose A Sale Through Laziness And Obnoxiousness

Bill wants to buy a phone from Best Buy, but can’t. Many people would argue that he’s better off this way, but he likes the superior deals available from Big Yellow and Blue. He stopped by a Best Buy Mobile store for his latest upgrade. The future success of Best Buy hinges on having customers make purchases from these mini stores. Let’s see what kind of customer service the essential employees of these essential stores are providing.

So – let me relate the (not so) wonderful (lack of ) customer service I just experienced at Best Buy Mobile location in [New England.]

I am a longtime Sprint user – but I usually get my phones through Best Buy to get a better deal. I walked into the store where I met the ever-so-indifferent “R.” – who informed me that I wasn’t an authorized user on my Sprint account. No problem, called my wife, she called Sprint. Sprint added me as a user – no worries.

Best Buy’s system would not show it. No problem – let me offer to call Sprint directly – they can confirm it right? Easy. Nope – R. decides that “for all I know you could be getting divorced and looking to screw over your wife.” (his words). I said “OK, well call Sprint directly – you have the number they can confirm it” – R’s stellar customer service response “I could do that, but I am unwilling to.”


So lets review, R, you know that I:

1.) Have been added as authorized user.
2.) Have a Sprint rep willing to talk to you to confirm what I am saying is true
3.) You’re unwilling to make a phone call and confirm “That’s correct sir”.

I ask for the manager – a girl with an assistant mgr name tag comes over and says “ok – well I’m going home. And leaves”

I ask for the DMs number. I am given R’s business card which has no last name on it and lists him as “Lead Consultant.” I’m also given a card and am told that [B.] is the Store General Manager, and indeed the card says that.

I call B, General Manager who alternatively tells me R. is the Store Manager for that location and he is the District Manager, then later back pedals and tells me R. is a “part timer.” (which is it then?)

So putting all that aside – I tell B all he has to do is call and make a confirmation using a number for Sprint that HIS ASSOCIATE provided me. B states that “he wouldn’t be able to confirm that that person was actually from Sprint” (Uh.. you guys gave ME the number – how is it YOU could give me a fake number??)

B. further says that if R. had made the phone call on my behalf he’d have terminated R. because doing so is “illegal”. (PLEASE – someone somewhere show me where it says that making a phone call is illegal)

Best Buy – Im a platinum member of your rewards program – in the past two years I’ve dropped over ten thousand dollars at your company. I can tell you that you have just lost a customer for life over a 50 dollar phone, and two associates who would rather accuse me of being dishonest than make a simple customer service decision. Way to go!
As an aside – I left their little Mobile store front in disgust and out of curiosity and frustration , went to their full line store about a mile down the road. Walked right in and within 15 minutes had my phone.

That is my final Best Buy purchase. I’m done. I;m out. Your loss. Additionally – tried to complain on their Facebook page but they just deleted the post. Twice.

Between their pushing expensive add-ons, poor service and complete unwillingness to service the customer, Best Buy just lost yet another customer. So long and thanks for all the … nothing.

There you have it: the Best Buy Mobile mini stores are out to reach and permanently drive away as many customers as possible, from a much smaller space that costs less to rent. Efficiency!

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