Homeland Security Hoping To Find Device To Replace Pat-Downs

Perhaps the Dept. of Homeland Security is actually listening to all the people who aren’t exactly thrilled with the possibility of being touched by TSA airport screeners. The department is hoping someone out there can come up with a hand-held device that would take the place of the controversial pat-downs.

According to the L.A. Times, DHS has sent out requests to technology companies, asking them to come up with proposals for hand-held scanners that would weigh less than five pounds and can determine, in fewer than 15 seconds, whether or not an object under a traveler’s clothes is dangerous.

“If possible, the goal is to detect all threats including metal and explosives,” reads the DHS request.

Of course, any such hand-held scanner is far in the offing, as DHS would need to select a winner or winners, test them and then eventually roll them out to airports.

Feds are seeking devices to replace pat-downs [Chron.com]

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