Even Princesses Can't Get Away With Stiffing A Hotel On $7.4 Million Bill

First, imagine you are a princess (yay!). Next, try to comprehend living in a 41-room expanse in a Paris hotel, costing tens of thousands of euros per night. Now it’s time to pay the bill — don’t walk out without settling up, folks. Saudi princess Maha al-Sudani reportedly tried to pull that move in the middle of the night last week, instead of paying a $7.4 million tab.

According to RFI, the princess (who’s the ex wife of Saudi Crown Prince Nayef ben Abdel Aziz) had been living in the posh Shangri-La hotel in Paris since 2011, at a rate of about 20,000 euros per night.

At about 3:30 a.m. last Thursday, police say she tried to sneak out of the hotel with her entourage of 60 people, without settling up. She had managed to pay about 10 million euros of her tab already, but it’s not the effort that counts, in this case. Staff called the cops as she was attempting to load up a fleet of limousines.

No charges have been made, as the princess apparently enjoys diplomatic immunity, and the hotel told the media it had no unpaid bills at the moment.

She’s been in trouble before for racking up big bills, including an incident in 2009 where she owed luxury establishments as much as 15 million euros for jewels, clothes and hotel visits. King Abdallah grounded her in a palace for two years for those shenanigans, before she moved on to the Shangri-La.

Rough life.

Saudi princess tries to sneak out of Paris hotel owing six million euros [RFI]

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