Trail Of Snacks Leads Cops To Thieves Suspected Of Robbing Little League Concession Stand

Seasoned criminals know better than to leave a trail connecting them to their crime, so we’ve got to believe the suspects accused of robbing a Little League snack bar are hardly experienced when it comes to pilfering. Cops say they found the perps by following a sprinkling of snacks dropped on the ground.

Scenarios like this one bring to mind some kind of cartoon where the harebrained criminals are too busy munching on goodies to make a clean getaway. But this is real life, where real people can act like cartoons.

The San Diego Union-Tribune says cops arrested four people suspected of stealing from a Little League concession stand late Thursday night, after someone complained of hearing a lot of noise in the area.

When cops showed up, they found a nice little trail away from the scene, and simply followed empty packages of cookies, chips and Cheetos to a vehicle parked outside a home a few blocks away.

Cops searched the home and found property belonging to the Little League, including a cash register. They arrested one man, two women and a girl on burglary charges.

Four arrested in La Mesa snack bar caper [San Diego Union-Tribune]


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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Anyone else read Trail of Snakes and get extremely confused?

  2. That guy. says:

    This reminds me of something I saw on Reddit yesterday, I think she was called the Girl Scout Cookie Money Monster…or something like that.

  3. Captain Spock says:

    Seriously, i mean… gahhh i cant even put it into words… You are so… gluttonous that you can’t even wait?

  4. dangermike says:

    When asked for comment, the perpetrator muttered that he’d have gotten away with it if it weren’t for those meddlesome cops and their talking dog.

  5. TheMansfieldMauler says:


  6. ThatCatGuy says:


    • Coffee says:

      Friday afternoon.

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      So we can thank the stupid thieves that use up less police time and money, thereby giving taxpayers a break.

    • ugly says:

      You know, I waste enough time on this site that when there’s an article that doesn’t strike me interesting I just pass over it.

      I can usually tell before even clicking through, and absolutely before leaving a comment. You could try it some time.

  7. dolemite says:

    Well, those were some expensive snacks.

    If I’m going to jail or prison, it’s going to be over millions of dollars. Not snack food or $10 out of a 7-11 register.

    • Pagan wants a +1 button says:

      Even then, one assumes you would be intelligent enough to not scatter empty wrappers on the ground and provide a trail.

    • JoeTheDragon says:

      there may be some million of dollar lotto Scratch offs at the 7/11.

  8. pythonspam says:

    This would make a great Encyclopedia Brown plot.

  9. HogwartsProfessor says:

    I love dumb criminal stories. :)

  10. Jane_Gage says:

    No $300 littering fine?

    • Costner says:

      They should get the fine without a doubt…. they clearly were guilty. However in CA isn’t the fine something like $1000? I’d love to see them add that to the list of charges.

  11. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    Motorcycle shop I used to work for rented a few mini storage units at a facility not far from us…and not far from “the projects.” Every once in a while, the storage facility would get a mass break-in – lots of units would get their locks cut off one night, with various contents thereafter pilfered, never to be seen again. The strong suspicion, of course, was that “the projects” was responsible – but there was never any evidence to really follow up on.

    …then one day we got a call in the middle of winter. Break-in again, and this time they’d gotten into the unit we stored our extra scooters in.

    Mind you that there was a couple feet of snow on the ground…so this time the genius thieves literally left a trail to be followed. Right to the projects. With 2-3 of our scooters dropped along the way, after they got tired of trying to carry them through 2′ deep snow.

  12. quail says:

    Wasn’t this a story in an Enclopedia Brown book?

  13. hoi-polloi says:

    This is why you shouldn’t litter, kids! (You also shouldn’t steal from little league.)