Trail Of Snacks Leads Cops To Thieves Suspected Of Robbing Little League Concession Stand

Seasoned criminals know better than to leave a trail connecting them to their crime, so we’ve got to believe the suspects accused of robbing a Little League snack bar are hardly experienced when it comes to pilfering. Cops say they found the perps by following a sprinkling of snacks dropped on the ground.

Scenarios like this one bring to mind some kind of cartoon where the harebrained criminals are too busy munching on goodies to make a clean getaway. But this is real life, where real people can act like cartoons.

The San Diego Union-Tribune says cops arrested four people suspected of stealing from a Little League concession stand late Thursday night, after someone complained of hearing a lot of noise in the area.

When cops showed up, they found a nice little trail away from the scene, and simply followed empty packages of cookies, chips and Cheetos to a vehicle parked outside a home a few blocks away.

Cops searched the home and found property belonging to the Little League, including a cash register. They arrested one man, two women and a girl on burglary charges.

Four arrested in La Mesa snack bar caper [San Diego Union-Tribune]

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