Spending 40 Hours A Year Stuck In Traffic Doesn't Sound Like Much Fun

There are a lot of things you can fill 40 hours of your life with. Gazing at waterfalls, eating a few wheels of cheese, taking some nice long walks with your dog or flying to Fiji — the possibilities are endless. All of those things are better than spending more than an average of 40 hours sitting idle in traffic a year, which is what one study says is true for Americans in 10 cities.

Time.com cites a study by INRIX, a company that is all about traffic information, which analyzed data from around 100 million GPS-equipped vehicles traveling on about 300,000 miles of roads to find where people are sitting in traffic the most.

The good (?) news is that due to high gas prices and job declines, traffic congestion has dropped about 30%.

“The declines in traffic congestion across the U.S. and Europe are indicative of stalled economies worldwide,” Bryan Mistele, INRIX president and chief executive officer, said in a press release. “Americans are driving less and spending less fueled by gas prices and a largely jobless recovery.”

That won’t make you feel any better when stuck in gridlock, however, as traffic jams are still an issue for drivers. In 10 American cities, drivers will sit idle for more than 40 hours per year on average.

The top honors of sludgiest traffic go to Honolulu (58 hours), Los Angeles (56 hours), San Francisco (48) and New York (57).

Check out the source link below for the rest of the list and the worst hour and day to be in traffic in those cities.

Going Nowhere: 10 Worst U.S. Cities for Traffic [Time.com]

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