Want To Look At A Car? Dodge Dealership Needs All Of Your Info

Allen wanted to look at a new Dodge Charger. Not test-drive it. Just look at it, and maybe check out the interior or sit inside. But the dealership he visited wouldn’t let him even look at the car without taking down his name, address, driver’s license information, and phone number. Annoyed, he left the dealership and did a Google Images search or something instead.

So I am in the market for a family car and went to [redacted] Dodge in [redacted], CA. I was greeted outside and told the sales person I was interested in checking out the Dodge Charger sedan. He led me inside and asked me to have a seat at one of the desks. I was kinda surprised as I could see no Charger inside the showroom. Not a minute later, he came back holding a sheet of paper and asked me to take a seat to fill out the information. He was asking for my name, phone number, address, driver license information and email address.

Then I saw there were a bunch of questions underneath like a whole survey stuff. I jumped out of the chair and asked the guy, “You want all my personal information just to show me how the car looks like?” He proceeded to tell me that “Yes, this is our new policy”. Keep in mind I was not asking for a test drive. I JUST want to see how the vehicle’s inside look like and may be try sitting in there to see how the inside feels like. I then told him that I would not give him all the information he wanted just to look at the vehicle and left. Then I went home and found out on yelp.com that this particular dealer is all rated at 1 star by many people.

The most hilarious thing. I wanted to contact Dodge customer service to find out if this is a new Dodge policy to acquire all customer personal information before they are being allowed to check out Dodge vehicles (not to test drive one, just to see and touch the car) at the dealers. At the Dodge web page where to send Customer Service an email for questions, THEY ASKS FOR ALL THE SAME PERSONAL INFORMATION (EXCEPT DRIVER LICENSE) as the dealer (Full name, full address, phone number and email address). So they want my personal information to check out their vehicles and they also want my personal information when I want to ask them a question. Way to go for marketing. I guess that will stop me from even inquiring Dodge until their policy changes.

You could try contacting their customer service number for new vehicle buyers (1-800-4A-DODGE) where perhaps they would answer the question without collecting all of your vital information first.

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