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  1. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    I keep trying to type a webpage address, title, or bookmark, but it won’t let me.

  2. Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

    My mom recently told me that her kids don’t give an F about her so she no longer gives an F about me. All because I “Didn’t call her for Mothers Day.” She has T-Mobile. I tried calling numerous times but only got voicemail, so I sent her a text message saying happy mothers day and that I love her. Apparently she didn’t get that either. So now I’m left unloved by my mother and I really haven’t been in a good mood lately. :-/

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Sounds like your mom is a bit of a drama-queen. Sorry your days have no been better. Cheer up for the weekend!

      • Important Business Man (Formerly Will Print T-shirts For Food) says:

        I agree, still mixed feelings though. Anywho… Pensacola Pride weekend next weekend!

        • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

          I’m not going to tell you how to handle your mother. But drama-queens just want attention, and usually the best way to deal with them is to ignore them until they figure it out – because giving them attention only feeds their issue and they get what they want.

          But, it’s your mom, and she’s unlikely to change at that age. Good Luck!

    • That guy. says:

      That’s why you should have mailed a card.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Really? I second what Loias said. My mother pulls shit too, but it’s way more insidious than that. If you call her on it she plays the martyr. She drives my sister-in-law crazy. If you tell anyone outside the family, they don’t understand because “your mother is so NICE!” Well, she is nice, but she’s also NEEDY AS HELL. We’re all sick of it and don’t ask her for favors because the emotional price is too high.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      my sister makes really gorgeous handmade cards. she sent one for our mom’s birthday and all she got was “that’s a big card, i’m glad you put enough postage on it. would have been bad if it arrived postage due because it was overweight”
      i called my mom for my birthday a while back to thank her for the present and she asked about the clutter in my house that i am trying to manage. and promptly got mad at me for selling some junk end tables she dumped on me when she didn’t want them anymore, THEN called me a hoarder for having a clutter problem that mostly comes from her giving me stuff she doesn’t want.
      mother’s day went much better. my phone battery died about ten minutes into the call. i swear it wasn’t intentional

  3. Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

    The arson article from earlier really hits close to home. My city has had close to 50 arson fires this year alone. My neighborhood has had two fires within a block of my house, both in occupied homes, with no drug or gang links. People suck.

  4. InsertPithyNicknameHere says:

    Yay, it’s the weekend! And it’s a gaming weekend for me – Shadowrun tonight, and a Fate game tomorrow. Plus the finals for the British Champions League (go West Ham!), and the final for UEFA on Saturday! I’ve got a busy weekend lined up.

    Anyone else have fun plans?

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Imma level up some in Final Fantasy X in preparation for my visit to the bf. I fully expect him to help me get through Evrae and Bevelle. He actually played past that for me when he was here and then died on the steps of the temple. 0_o I was like AWWWWSHEEEET.

      I won’t play Silent Hill 2 unless he is there. Too damn scary. Damn that Pyramid Head. Sunday I might pop Hitman: Silent Assassin back in and start it over. I didn’t understand about leveling up and got poor Agent 47 killed in two seconds. Poor Agent 47. :(

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        evrae? really? evrae or evrae altana? i never found either of them especially difficult, but then as soon as i get rikku in my party i grind for sphere levels on until rikku is way leveled up. she’s the fastest to level up
        please remember that evrae altana is a zombie and zombies don’t like getting healed

  5. Cat says:

    “I think I’m gonna re-route my trip,
    I wonder if anybody would think I’d flipped
    If I went to New York…
    Via Montana?”

    Last week I asked for suggestions for side trips on our road trip to NY. (Thanks for your suggestions!) Not coming up with anything “spectacular”, I’ve decided to take a route that IS spectacular!

    We pass Bear Lake, Idaho, on the way to Jackson, WY, through the Grand Tetons and on to Yellowstone. After a whirlwind single day in Yellowstone traveling the Grand Loop Road, and on to Cody, WY for a night’s sleep. Next morning, off to Mt. Rushmore! Then its a boring 2 days drive to NY for my eldest daughter’s HS graduation (I get to roast her a pig!) and visit my Mom and Dad. We’ll make a side trip to Alexandria Bay (Birthplace of Cat, contrary to rumors that Cat was born in the cargo hold of an interstellar asteroid mining ship) with a stop at Boldt Castle.

    Return trip is via route 80, because I just want to get home. Making a stop on the first day in Niagara Falls, though. (American side – wife’s passport is expired.)

    Total of close to 5000 miles round trip in a Toyota Corolla. My ass feels numb just thinking about it.

  6. CrankyOwl says:

    I got a jury summons in the mail yesterday…and the even better news is that they’ll be choosing a grand jury that day…so potentially, a month-long deal. Yay?

  7. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    this weekend i will try not to kill my roommate. i got a lovely call from the finance company today telling me that the car i cosigned on is about to go into collections and when can i make a payment, please.
    i’m concerned that they didn’t call me long before this
    i’m concerned that she didn’t tell me this was going on when she promised to keep me up to date on any delays in payment
    i’m concerned that she apparently took out 3 payday loans to try to cover this up, which, as any consumerist knows, will only make things worse.

    also, the fat cat sometimes seen on consumerist trying to steal papa john’s pizza – he’s not well. when the stitches come out there will be funny half shaved cat photos

    • Cat says:

      How do you know I’m fat? Oh, wait, not me. Never mind.

      Too bad about the room mate – as I’ve told you before, your heart is too big, CG. I’m also going to have to blame the OP here because she co-signed on a car loan. Which, as any consumerist knows, can land you in a heap o’ shit.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        oh, i blame the OP too. i also blame the OP for trusting my best friend to not hide things from me when it concerns my ability to keep a roof over our heads.
        and i blame the OP for not proactively checking with the finance company.
        they now know not to try calling me at work. i never gave them a work number because i don’t have one but apparently someone there called the corporate office for my employer and left a message on SOMEONE’s voicemail. how embarassing!
        they have my email, a note that says the cell phone is the only number with a chance of actually reaching me, and a request to send me copies of any letters they send her as they relate to billing and payments.
        i also made sure i know what to do if i need to turn the car in and close the account. it would hurt my credit, but less than repo and collections

        • HogwartsProfessor says:

          *hug* You are a good person to try and help your friend. But yeah, this sucks.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      If she had to cosign to get it, she can’t afford it.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        her ex husband wrecked her credit and she’s remarkably naive about credit. she never applied for any loans or financing in her name in her life. he did all the money stuff and she got married at 19. she had never even pulled a credit report before i asked her to.

        part of building her credit back up was getting a car. so technically, at the time she [“we”] bought it, she could afford the payments, but just didn’t have the credit history to get financing.
        the biggest problem is her part time job. for several months she was working 35 hours a week but then they cut her to 12 hours several weeks in a row. and yes, she’s applied for about 50 jobs since then, picked up part time work online proofreading documents and during her days off painted the bathroom to try to be helpful to me. so i know she’s not intentionally being negligent with her money.

        but you’re right, she can’t really afford it. so she has to find a way to be able to afford it. i told her one bailout and then i’m voluntarily turning the car in if it happens again

  8. Agent Hooter Enjoys Enhanced Patdowns says:

    Today is my last day in my current department. I’ve been here for 4 years only to see our department freeze promotions while other departments expanded and promoted. As of Monday, I’ll be in one of those departments, ready to learn new stuff and work upwards.

    /happy mood!

    • lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

      Awesome! That’s great news. It makes me think there’s hope on the horizon.

  9. CorporationsSuck says:

    I’m surprised I haven’t seen anything here on the new ESPN App. When you upgrade, you get the pleasure of paying AGAIN for what you already had. The old (paid) app expires 8/1. No warning – no nothing.

    Of course it’s all “legal” under the TOS!

    Screw lawyers and suits! I’m sick and tired of all of them!

  10. DJ Charlie says:

    Got the Lady’s base paint done (deep ruby red) and started the lettering across the hood this morning. The hood ornament (courtesy of Steven Buckley) will be here Monday! Woot!

    Next month: Window tint!

  11. That guy. says:

    Does anyone know about custom men’s dress shirts?

    I have quite a collection of dress shirts, but many tend to bulge out in the midsection. I hate it. I was looking into have a custom shirt made from scratch, but it seems like $100+ for something like that. I may go to a tailor, and have an existing shirt adjusted, but I know nothing about the process or prices.

    Anyone have any input on this?

    • Coffee says:

      Do you already purchase slim fit shirts? You may just have to find a brand that works for you, but slim fit works well for guys who need less material around the waist.

      • That guy. says:

        I purchase mostly “fitted” shirts, and have some “slim fit”. The slim fits tend to be a bit too snug around the chest/across the back, just under my arms. I’m actually wearing a slim fit Calvin Klein shirt right now, which is a brand that in general is slim. The mid section fits pretty well, and I don’t think I’d have this tailored, but I’m considering getting the fitted ones that are more comfortable in the chest tailored.

        I’m also making an effort to get in better physical condition, so what fits me well right now might not (well, hopefully won’t) fit me well in a month or two.

    • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

      have you tried retrofit tailoring? a lot of dry cleaners do it. and a good tailor can custom fit an off the rack shirt for less than bespoke

    • SecretShopper: pours out a lil' liquor for the homies Wasp & Otter says:

      I 2nd CG’s suggestion, also you might want to look @ Paul Frederick shirts, they are semi-tailored and cost 150 for 3,

  12. momtimestwo says:

    Job hunting after being home with the kids for the past 12 years seems to have triggered a bit of depression and is taking a toll on my self esteem. I know it will pass, but when you are in the middle of it, it’s hard to see a way out.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Aww. Hang in there.

      Have you been doing anything to upgrade your skills? Sometimes that can help make you feel a bit more proactive and accomplished, even if it’s an online course or something.

  13. lovemypets00 - You'll need to forgive me, my social filter has cracked. says:

    I had a pretty frank discussion with my boss today about my job. Since our company was purchased by another company, my job responsibilities were drastically changed, and I was basically demoted to a data entry clerk. There’s no indication we’ll ever get raises, as I spoke to some of the long time employees in the home office, some of whom went for as long as 10 years without an hourly wage increase. And as far as getting another job with the company, or more responsibility, nothing on the horizon there either.

    Bottom line, it ain’t lookin’ good for the home team. Even worse, as abysmal as it is working here, I’m actually doing really well in comparison to a lot of people in the area. Our local newspaper had an article about employment in the county where I live (I work in the next county over). The newspaper article was happy to point out that 54% of the jobs in the county paid more than $10 per hour. I read that as 46% of them pay less than $10/hour. It’s no wonder 1 of 5 people in my county are eligible for government assistance.

    I know I might do better someplace else other than central PA, but my parents are 76-77 and I’m an only child. I live 3 miles from them, and I can pitch in when they have health issues. I might be able to get a better job if I move away, but I don’t feel right about leaving them to their own devices.

    I keep telling myself to stop whining, suck it up, and be happy that I have a paycheck, but to be honest, that’s really wearing thin. So I guess I just need a proverbial kick in the backside, be happy with what I have, and be a nameless cog.

    • That guy. says:

      The economy changed quite a bit in the past 10 years, so perhaps in the next few, the job market will ge better and you could find something more satisifying both financially and in terms of responsibility. So just be thankful for what you have…but don’t get complacent, keep an eye out for something more desireable.

  14. Not Given says:

    I ordered fiber 5/7, I saw them hanging boxes on my house and hanging a new drop and new lines on the poles in the alley on 5/10. They called and said they could wire inside my house the next day but I put them off until Monday so I could clean out the closet where they needed access to get into the attic to run a new DSL outlet and so I could move my computer desk to the new spot. So it only took a week and could have taken less. We just can’t get over how much clearer the picture is compared to cable and I love the DVR. I didn’t know there was such a thing but the extra tvs aren’t wired in like the main tv. They plug a little box into the electric outlet and run the cat5 from the box to the stb. They said I can move those tvs just by plugging the box into a different wall outlet.

  15. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Doggeh! Want to boop his nose!

    Skating show tomorrow. Original dress idea didn’t work out, so I retrofitted an old one. All I need to do is finish the trim and it’s ready to go. Practice went great yesterday and I hope performance goes as well. No epic faceplants like the one I pulled last Saturday, please.

    Unemployment is almost out (six more weeks) but I called them and they still have extensions available. Hopefully I won’t need it (crosses fingers) but it’s there for now.

    Gonna see mah honey next week! Can’t wait. :D I hope I can get it worked out to fly back. Stupid US Airways. I’m not flying them anymore.

  16. RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

    I’m in a serious BBQ coma and desperately trying to focus on work.


    Tomorrow, Warmachine.

  17. Jules Noctambule says:

    I just went to the estate sale of a dollmaker. My art studio currently looks like a Victorian-themed remake of Chucky. I want to go back and get more, but my husband is already afraid. SO MUCH COOL CREEPINESS!

    • HogwartsProfessor says:


      Dolls are creepy. They…stare at you…. 0_o

      • Jules Noctambule says:

        These don’t stare, for the most part. That’s because they lack eyes. There was a big box of eyes I missed out on, but I found a few pairs and gave them to a jeweler friend who is going to do Very Bad Things with them and some bezel settings.

        • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

          i inherited my grandmother’s madame alexander dolls. the ones that weren’t store properly [facedown] all have stuck eyes. in odd positions.
          i’m trying to see how long i have to wait before my mother notices that i plan to do to them what i do to barbie

        • HogwartsProfessor says:


          I would buy it. :)