Wendy's Offer Of A Small, Hot Redhead Confuses Those Out Of The Coffee Loop

The Internet world is in a buzz of confusion. Or at least some of its denizens are, after a Wendy’s coupon offered up a “Free Small Hot Original Redhead” with any purchase. Sounds like a good deal — or it sounds like you could get a small ginger person, if you aren’t aware that Redhead Roasters is Wendy’s newish moniker for its coffee.

Over on Reddit, a common thread tied to a post showing the coupon is a sense of befuddlement along the lines of: “Uh, hey, everyone, what exactly is a Redhead?” Surely it can’t be an actual human, because that would be human trafficking.

A few savvy commenters filled in their confused peers, and we also checked it out over at Wendy’s official breakfast site, where it appears that yes indeed, a Redhead is a coffee.

We’ve asked a Wendy’s rep to check into the coupon, to make sure it’s even a valid offer.

We’ve all learned a little something new today. Thanks, Internet!

*Hats off to Jeff for the tip!

Wendy’s now in the business of human trafficking. [DasPope on Reddit]

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