Arby's Is Really Sorry That Piece Of Finger Ended Up In A Sandwich

Tip to fast food workers: If you lose part of your finger while on the job, let your coworkers know so they don’t just pick up making that sandwich where you left off. A 14-year-old boy in Michigan ended up with the “fingerprint portion” of an employee’s finger in his sandwich recently after a trip to the drive-through. in Grand Rapids says the boy was eating the sandwich with his mother, when he pulled out a pad of finger from his mouth, say police. Let’s pause for a huge, “eww!”

Arby’s has already responded to soothe customers who might be upset by the incident.

“Arby’s wants to reassure customers that we are committed to providing quality food in a safe and healthy environment. We are deeply concerned and apologetic to the guest involved in this unfortunate incident,” says a letter signed by the vice president of corporate communications, John Gray. He called it an “isolated and unfortunate accident,” but also says in the letter that Arby’s has been unable to confirm the details and is conducting an investigation.

What appears to have happened is that a worker had cut her finger while operating the restaurant’s meat slicer. When she left her station to tend to the wound without alerting anyone else to what had happened, her colleagues picked up where she left off and filled the order.

The meat slicer was subsequently shut down and cleaned according to proper protocol, in cooperation with the health department, and the employee and the boy are both doing fine.

We hope you’ve already eaten your lunch today.

*Thank you for the tip, Harper!

Arby’s customer in Jackson, Michigan finds piece of finger in sandwich []

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