Asking A State Trooper For Illegal Alcohol By Text Message Won't Work Out Well

It’s always a good idea to double and triple check to make sure you know who you’re texting — no one wants to say, accidentally send a message to an Alaska State Trooper regarding the illegal purchase of alcohol, after all.

The Associated Press says two women are facing possible charges up there yonder in the coldest part of our fair country, after errant text messages were fired off to a state trooper.

A spokeswoman for the Troopers said an off-duty trooper began receiving text messages from an unknown phone number after midnight one night. Alcohol sales are barred in that particular community, 400 miles west of Anchorage, because no one has been cleared to sell it.

The trooper responded to the texts and arranged a meeting. Officials say the woman who was texting and another alleged buyer showed up to the meeting. As did the trooper, in his uniform.

The women both face possible misdemeanor charges. No word on whether they were texting while walking.

Authorities: Text message soliciting illegal alcohol buy errantly sent to Alaska trooper [Associated Press]

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