Sears Offers Crappy Tools And Service, First-Rate Apologies

We’re still not quite sure what Sears is. It pretends to be a retail operation, but in reality acts more like its existence is an elaborate anti-capitalist prank, aiming to keep consumers from exchanging their money for tangible goods. Take, for example, the case of Michael. He would like to order a Craftsman steel workbench frame from Sears, and Sears is doing its best to prevent him from owning one.

I have been trying to buy a red 6′ steel workbench frame for over a month. It’s not stocked so I had to order from

Order 1. I receive the confirmation email and pick it up at the store. When I get home and unpack it, I notice one side is extremely kinked/bent, but the paint and box is perfect. It was painted bent, passed QA bent and was shipped bent.

I call to complain and they tell me to return it to the store, and ask if they can order me another one. Sure I said, but she ordered two! Two separate orders, two add’l charges on my card. I manage to get one cancelled and about 10 days later I get the “available for pickup email” I head to the store (3rd visit) and watch my order go from Open to Processed in 4 minutes.

However 40 minutes later I learned it isn’t there as it “Missed the truck” The wall chart says 99% served in less than 5 minutes. I was served in 4 minutes, except there wasn’t a bench onsite. (minor detail I know) The clerk offers to order me another one for the third or (or 4th) order, I notice the price jumped $30 and he explains he can’t honor the online price. So I refuse to sign the credit card screen. I tell him to forget it.

When I get home to see if any of the credits have been put back on my card, I see a new charge for the 4th order at the inflated price. Unreal! So after 4 orders with 2 still on my credit card I still don’t have a workbench.

Let me know when the bankruptcy liquidation sale is, because that’s the next time I’ll be at Sears.

Sears power tools are Chinese rubbish, but the excuses and apologies are still top notch.

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