Can A Restaurant Meal Be So Bad You Shouldn't Pay The Bill?

I have a friend who likes to reward horrible restaurant service and food by leaving two pennies as a tip, but I’ve never known him to not pay the bill. However, one Colorado couple is telling their local Outback Steakhouse that the meal was so bad, the eatery should not be expecting a payment anytime soon.

The couple, ages 73 and 74, say their night out at Outback was “an experience,” with sub-par service and food that sent the wife to the bathroom before they even left the restaurant.

“Up everything came and I was so sick,” she tells CBS Denver.

When the bill for $56.21 came, they asked to speak to a manager. Here is where the couple’s story diverges from Outback’s.

“[The manager] said, ‘I’ll take care of everything.'” claims the husband.

Taking that to mean that their bill would be comped, the couple left. Meanwhile, a waiter was busy writing down their license plate number, which was then given to the police.

The couple now face theft charges because the manager claims he only offered them a discount.

“[He] never used the word ‘discount.’ Why if I thought I owed $27 or something, why would I get up and leave?” asks the husband.

CBS Denver spoke to the restaurant, which said the 50% off offer still stood, but the couple says they have no intention of paying.

In the end, this will probably be decided by a judge. Meanwhile, feel free to share your “worst meal ever” stories in the comments.

Couple Wants To Make Statement By Not Paying Restaurant Bill

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