7 RMAs Later, Asus Still Won't Replace My Tablet

Richard just wants a working tablet. He’s sent his Asus Transformer in for repair seven separate times. It’s usually for variations of the same issue, but Asus’s records disagree. Handy, because those different service records mean that as far as Asus is concerned, the tablet hasn’t come in over and over for the same issue, and doesn’t need to be replaced.

I have an Asus Transformer TF101 tablet that I purchased from Amazon.com in June of 2011. The unit worked fine until September, when suddenly there was something rattling around loose inside the unit, and it wouldn’t boot at all. I contacted Asus support and they created an RMA so I could send it back to be repaired. Since then, the unit has not worked correctly for more than a few hours at best.

Since the initial RMA, it has been in for 6 additional RMAs, plus one for the keyboard dock. I’ve found that each time I describe the problem I am having, they may put that in the RMA, or may just make up something else altogether. Below is a description of each RMA that was created, along with the date created, and the problem description they entered into the case. In parenthesis is the actual problem description that I gave them.

1. [redacted] Returned 9/27/11 – Won’t power on, something rattling loose inside.

2. [redacted] 10/11/11 – Screen not responding, very slow or no response.

3. [redacted] Returned 10/26/11 Won’t boot when power is on. Locking up. (They forgot to add that the wireless was locking up the entire unit when trying to connect)

4. [redacted] 11/29/11 – Battery error. (actually sent in for locking up repeatedly yet again.)

5. [redacted] 12/30/11 – Sent to corporate support instead of normal RMA service center so a higher level technician can examine the unit. Rebooting randomly many times a day, stuck in boot loop when sent in, (still won’t update to latest firmware.)

6. [redacted] 1/11/12 – Dock won’t charge, orange light stuck on.

7. [redacted] 1/12/12 – Randomly re booting repeatedly, won’t update to latest firmware, stuck in boot loop.

8. [redacted] 3/7/12 – USB cable won’t charge (they forgot to add that the unit is still rebooting repeatedly, and still won’t upgrade to the latest firmware. Unit and cable sent in together)

I have spoken to a supervisor each time I have called since the 3rd RMA. I’ve been promised additional troubleshooting, return calls, return emails, etc. As of yet, I have had one supervisor actually call me, despite 4 other promises to call. I’ve been polite, articulate, described the problems I’m having with the unit in detail each time. I’ve repeatedly stated that all I want is a unit that actually works like it’s supposed to. I don’t care if it’s a refurbished unit as long as it works. I’ve been told that Asus will not replace a unit for any reason, and by a different supervisor, that they are working on getting me a replacement unit.

On April 3, 2012, I talked to Supervisor [R] (3rd or 4th time I’ve actually talked to him). He stated that he is escalating my case to corporate to try to get it replaced due to repeated problems and 7 RMAs for the unit. He promised that I would be contacted within 24 to 48 hours about this. He created case number [redacted]. It is still open and unresolved.

I called back on April 10th, seven days later after having no contact. Supervisor [D] stated that [R] is still working on a solution ([R] was not working that day) and would get back to me soon.

I called back again on April 30th, still no contact. Supervisor [K] stated that he is escalating the case and someone will contact me soon, possibly today (April 30th).

It is now May 9, 2012, and I still have not received any contact from anyone at Asus. They are either unable or unwilling to fix a problem unit.

Each time I speak to a supervisor, they ask me to send in the unit for RMA again. I’ve asked them what’s the point when they haven’t fixed the exact same problem the last 5 times I’ve sent it in (frequent reboots, 15-20 times a day, won’t upgrade to latest firmware, at least 4 different versions of it). I have no faith that Asus will make any attempt to actually fix it.

I just want a unit that works.

Here are a few places to start:

1. Check with Amazon. Sometimes the retailer is more helpful in instances like this than the manufacturer.

2. Consult your credit or debit card company. They may offer purchase protection that doesn’t just extend the warranty, but is meant for situations like this. Then you can go buy a tablet made by a company that

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