It Kind Of Makes Perfect Sense That Captain Morgan Is Being Sued For Piracy

That swashbuckling rum drinker Captain Morgan is facing some rough legal waters, as another company is suing its parent company, claiming it pirated a pouch cocktail design. Pirated! See how funny that is because he’s a pirate and he takes what he wants and now… I mean, you get it! I know you do. As our tipster writes, “In other news, water is wet.”

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, American Beverage Corp. filed a federal trademark lawsuit yesterday, claiming Diageo plc, which owns Captain Morgan, copied its single-serve frozen cocktails design. Pouch Pac Innovations LLC joins American Beverage on the lawsuit.

The suit claims that it has been selling pouched Daily’s Cocktails since 2005, and that Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay Cocktails, which are set to be marketed in a similar pouch, takes advantage of the brand recognition ABC has developed over the last seven years.

They’re totally different, right? One says “Freeze and Enjoy” and the other tells one to “Freeze and Squeeze.”

In any case, who has a thirst for a Capri Sun right about now? Mmm, pouch liquid.


Verona company claims Captain Morgan parent prirated its pouch cocktail design [Tribune-Review]

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