Stuck In Mexico Without Any Bags Thanks To Gate-Checked Carryon

Edwin’s wife flew to Mexico last week, toting only her carry-on luggage. United Airlines personnel made her gate-check the suitcase, telling her that it was too big and that she would definitely get it back when she landed. She hasn’t seen her suitcase since, and suspects it might have been stolen. United, as of yesterday, refused to give Edwin or Mrs. Edwin any answers.

On Wednesday, my wife flew to Mexico, and was instructed to gate check her carry-on bag because the regional jet was too small to have her regulation-size bag in the cabin. Surprise! The bag wasn’t waiting for her in Mexico. After making sure with an employee that her bag was not at the airport or on the aircraft she filed a delayed baggage claim form (case #[redacted]) with the CSA, who told me to contact the toll-free number the next day.

The following day (Thursday May 3) she called the toll-free line and spoke with an agent who, after some checking, assured me that my bag had been located and would be placed aboard the daily flight that evening.

It’s not Sunday, five days later and there has been no word or movement from United. Every time we make an inquiry, they just tell us to call back later or check the website. Asking their twitter customer service account, emailing and calling hasn’t help.

She traveled only with carry-on luggage and only gate checked it because the attendant promised she would pick it up planeside immediately after the flight landed. It was NOT oversized and has every bit of her clothing and work supplies inside.

Please, if there is any information you can give me to help reach someone who gives a damn at United, I would greatly appreciate it and would be willing to do something in return.

Our normal contact at United is no longer with the company, so all we can offer for now is that United has proven responsive to executive e-mail carpet bombs in the past.

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