More Than 1,000 Etsy Shops To Shut Down For Day To Protest "Collective" Shops

A few weeks ago, the Etsy folks stirred up a hornet’s nest of hate among its own sellers and the handmade goods community in general by featuring an Etsy shop that some accused of mass-producing furniture. Etsy didn’t help itself by later defending the shop, saying it is a “collective.” This hasn’t gone over well with a number of Etsy sellers and buyers who plan on taking a “vacation” on May 10 in protest.

Over at, more than a thousand Etsy sellers — and thousands of Etsy users have already declared their intent to go dark later this week.

Etsy has been accused of being fickle in its enforcement of its policies allowing shops to sell only handmade goods, vintage items, or crafting materials. It has shut down a number of shops that walked the fine line between handmade and reselling, but for many people it crossed a line by featuring — and then allowing the continued existence — of a shop that produces hundreds of complicated furniture items (which are also sold on

Reads a statement from the folks behind the movement:

The new meaning of the term ‘collective shop’ that used to be applied to a few individual artisans creating together, has now been modified in the site’s policy, allowing factory-style organized shops to thrive on Etsy, pushing the small shops out of the market.

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