Personal Finance Roundup

Want a promotion? Make friends at work. [CNN Money] “If you’re not reaching out to make and nurture friendships at work, you’re probably hurting your career.”

Perfect Prom on a Budget: 13 Ways to Spend Less, Still Shine [Daily Finance] “According to USA Today, spending on the spring formal is set to rise this year to an average of $1,078.”

21 Tasty and Cost-Effective Breakfast for Dinner Ideas [Wise Bread] “Here are 21 ways to enjoy breakfast for dinner that balance flavor, frugality and fun.”

4 Ways Your Bicycle Could Help You Earn Extra Income [Bucksome Boomer] “Do you have a bicycle? If so, you have not only a mode of transportation but a means to boost your bottom line.”

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Purchase an Extended Warranty [US News] “Here are six of the main reasons why it doesn’t make sense for you to purchase an extended warranty for your items.”


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