Spirit Airlines, Where "Dying Of Cancer" Equals "Not Following The Rules"

Spirit Airlines once again proves that it was only pulling our legs when it called itself the “most consumer-friendly airline.” This time, the fee-happy carrier isn’t just telling a dying passenger he has to suck up the cost of his $197 ticket, but are somehow equating being near death as a form of rule-breaking.

Fox 13 in Tampa reports on a Spirit customer who has spent the last couple years battling esophageal cancer and who had planned to fly to New Jersey to visit his daughter when she undergoes surgery. Unfortunately, after a recent CT scan, the man’s doctor told him he had only a short time to live and that he should not be flying anywhere.

Of course, when he went to see if he could get a refund on his $197 ticket, Spirit flat-out refused, as that is company policy.

He was offered a credit, but since he probably won’t ever be flying again and he can’t transfer that credit to anyone else to use, what’s the point?

Fox 13 contacted Spirit to see if anything could be done (emphasis is ours):

Spirit Airlines is not budging. A spokeswoman told FOX 13, “Our reservations are non-refundable which means we don’t do refunds…We offer our customers affordable travel insurance to cover a variety of unexpected circumstances that may arise.”

The spokeswoman said Spirit Airlines doesn’t make exceptions because someone goes to the media. She also said they will not make customers who follow the rules pay for those who don’t.

The man says he doesn’t really care about the money, but he’s decided to declare a personal war, of sorts, against the discount airline.

“I’m hoping I can cost them $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 in revenue for that lousy $197 and no compassion,” he tells Fox 13.

No airfare refunds for dying man: MyFoxTAMPABAY.com

No airfare refunds for dying man [MyFoxTampa.com]

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