Spirit Airlines Says It Doesn't Belong In Worst Company Tournament

In spite of Spirit Airlines’ hilarious belief that it is the “most consumer-friendly airline,” it beat out the much-bigger Delta to make it through the first round of the Consumerist Worst Company In America tournament. But the airline says the people voting for Spirit have obviously not flown the discount carrier.

When contacted by Sun-Sentinel.com, a rep for the airline said that the thousands of Consumerist readers who are voting for Spirit, “Must not be our customers… Our customers vote with their feet and our flights are full.”

By that logic, only businesses that are doing poorly can be bad. Yet the overwhelming majority of companies in the WCIA tournament are doing pretty well financially. In fact, many of them are in the contest because they have become so successful at making money that they have made customer service and quality a secondary or tertiary concern.

If you haven’t voted in the second round WCIA battle between Spirit and Ticketmaster, GO HERE to pick your least favorite before midnight ET tonight.

Report: Spirit among 16 contenders for ‘Worst Company in America’ title [Sun-Sentinel.com]

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