Because It's Such A Great Time To Sell A Used Car, Don't Try To Buy One Now

There’s a dearth of good used cars out there, so if you’ve got a particularly fine example you’ve been looking to unload, now is a good time to sell it, say experts. On that note, if you’re trying to find a cheap previously-owned vehicle, prices are probably not going to be in your favor.

The L.A. Times says prices for late-model used cars are expected to peak for the year in the next six weeks, citing the National Automobile Dealers Assn. Used Car Guide.

Auto dealers are trying to put together a nice selection of used cars ahead of the spring and summer buying rush, but there aren’t enough so-called “good” cars because less people were buying new cars during the recession.

Americans only bought 10.4 million vehicles in 2009, the lowest level in a generation. When there aren’t a lot of new cars being sold and used, the used car market suffers as a result. At the same time, because American are still pinching pennies, lightly-worn used cars are in demand.

So if you’ve got a clean, gently-used vehicle that is under six years old, with reasonable mileage, put that baby up for sale.

A good time to sell used car, bad time to buy [L.A. Times]

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