Will My Deadbeat Roommate Trash My Credit?

A terrible roommate can make your life unhappy in a lot of ways. But let’s say you have a financially irresponsible roommate who never pays their bills. Do their bad habits affect you … other than constantly having to chase down the rent?

Credit.com lays down the facts. Credit bureaus track you every financial move based on what you do–not on what other members of your household do. Married couples’ credit info is comingled only if they have any joint credit accounts.

Your roomie’s slackerdom isn’t supposed to affect you. Unless you co-signed something or applied for credit together, comingled credit information is an error, and if you find it, you should request that it be removed.

Or you’ve moved in with an identity thief…which is a whole other set of problems.

Can Your Roommate Ruin Your Credit? [Credit.com]

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