UPS MyChoice Feels More Like A Protection Racket

The UPS MyChoice program is supposed to be a good thing – it lets customers tell the company in advance whether to deliver packages without a signature or deliver them right ot a UPS store. But Holly ends up clicking in circles trying to find out how to sign up for the (free) program. The useful options, like redirecting packages to a UPS store or getting a delivery window, cost extra money.

I work M-F, and am out of my apt from 8am-7pm, so whenever I order packages, I have to CONSTANTLY ask my roommates to listen for the doorbell, and I still don’t receive my delivery. Plus, UPS doesn’t deliver on Saturdays, so I’m screwed.

So when I see that UPS has this My Choice option that allows me to designate a pickup location or authorizing them to deliver without a signature, I think, “Oh great! They took a lesson from Fedex. Good for them.”

However, the design of UPS’s site is so cumbersome, I spent 10 minutes in a perpetual loop trying to figure out how to frikin’ register for UPS My Choice, and then change my “preferences” so that they can deliver without my signature. But oh, if you want to designate a pickup location, like a UPS store? That will cost you $40- need I remind you this is something FedEx does for free- and THAT link was easy as pie to find.

I just can’t help but wonder if UPS charges shipping customers next to nothing so they can fleece their delivery customers…

If this MyChoice thing doesn’t work, I’m contacting the online stores where I predominantly shop to let them know I won’t be purchasing from them until they can ship with another method. Like THAT will work…

UPS To Launch Service That Gives Customers 4-Hour Delivery Window

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