EA Trying Hard To Lose Customer Over A Few Bucks

If you’re not really a fan of electronic games, it might not be clear to you why EA took the top poo in this year’s Worst Company in America Tournament. Maybe Alex’s experience can serve as an illustration. There was no huge amount of money involved, and his problem with EA didn’t affect his day-to-day life. But the utter lack of response from EA to a real and easily solved problem makes even a loyal customer like Alex feel that they don’t matter.

So I bought Fifa 12 this past fall. In October, there was a problem with a purchase of DLC. EA told me to talk to Microsoft. Microsoft told me to talk to EA. It took me a month to even get EA to tell me to talk to Microsoft. EA has kept closing my issues on its site.

I know I’m not getting my money back at this point, but no one is admitting any wrongdoing. I keep asking to be contacted by someone from the corporate office and keep getting a generic response asking for more information. It just really bothers me that they are willing to lose a customer over a paltry sum.

Last year, I had a small issue with 2K’s MLB 2K11. I tweeted [R.] who was their PR guy whose twitter page no longer appears to be a personal twitter as a representative of the company, and more of just a generic company twitter. Within two weeks, not only was my problem solved, but they also sent me a free game of my choice. I didn’t have to ask for it, 2K just knows that if you treat a customer well, you can win that customer for life.

Seems EA just wants to lose as many customers as possible. I really would like to keep buying games EA makes, but they just seem to not want me to.

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