Some NY Gas Stations Adding $2/Gallon Credit Card Fee

It’s no secret that gas stations all around the country sometimes tack on the cost of credit card processing for fuel payments. And while you may be willing to pay a few cents more per gallon pumped, some stations in New York are reportedly charging credit card customers a few dollars more per gallon of gas.

CBS New York’s Ask Asa scoped out are several stations in Long Island that are socking it to consumers who pay with a credit card. While the cash price for gas is close to the national average of about $4.12, these stations’ credit card prices are about $2-3 higher. At one station, for example, premium grade gas was priced at a whopping $6.19 per gallon if you choose to pay with a credit card,

Clifford Coleman, Director of Weights and Measures for Suffolk County, NY, which ensures the accuracy of pumps, says:

We can’t do anything in regards to the extra charging for that $2 per gallon for use of the credit card [for payment]. It’s not illegal.

Are these stations ultimately encouraging cash payments by passing on to the consumer the merchant’s credit card authorization fees and other bank charges? According to Asa, the station’s owner–and his lawyers–had “no comment.”

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Ask Asa: Credit Card Gas Price Outrage [WCBS 2 New York]

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