Refusing To Turn Off Electronics & Sit Down Will Get You Booted From Your Flight

You’ve got basically two options on a flight — do what the flight attendants tell you to do when they tell you to do it, or end up watching the plane leave without you. A woman from Massachusetts was unable to do as she was told, and missed her flight as a result.

WBZ NewsRadio says the woman was on a U.S. Airways plane in northern Maine over the weekend, headed to Boston. According to officials, the woman allegedly refused to turn off her electronic devices and would not sit down. The plane can’t take off if passengers are standing, so that was a bit of a problem.

Police say she caused disturbances at the airport and remained that way on the plane.

“She was disruptive before she was committed to board the plane. She regained some composure, but once on the plane, they began to taxi towards the runway, and [she] became disruptive again by getting out of her seat, failing to comply with airline staff,” said an officer.

Because of her bad behavior, the pilot had to bring the plane back to the gate so police could remove her from the plane. Luckily for everyone else complying with rules, the flight was only delayed about half an hour.

‘Disruptive’ Brockton Woman Pulled Off Boston-Bound Flight [WBZ NewsRadio]

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