Throw Out That Toupee: Researchers Successfully Grow Hair On A Bald Mouse

Has your bare pate led you to extreme measures, perhaps shoplifting Rogaine? Stop your life of crime and toss your hat in celebration — scientists have successfully grown hair on a bald mouse. Humans can’t be too far behind, right?

Yes, it is creepy to see long black hair sprouting from a bald little mouse, but those smartypants Japanese scientists have accomplished something that bareheaded men (and women!) everywhere will likely be paying close attention to. CBS News says not only were they able to grow hair, but they manipulated the density and color of the locks as well.

“Our study provides a substantial contribution to the development of bioengineering technologies that will enable future regenerative therapy for hair loss caused by injury or by diseases such as alopecia and androgenic alopecia,” researchers wrote in the study.

They cultivated and transplanted mice hair follicles as well as human hair, which continued to regenerate after it fell out like normal hair does.

Might be time to break up with Hair Club for Men.

Researchers successfully grow hair on bald mouse: Humans next? [CBS News]

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